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3D Modeling & Drafting

Whether it is an idea brewing in your head, or a sketch you’ve made on paper, and want to put it down on paper or make 3-dimensional visual representations or make manufacturing drawings, we can help you. 

We offer more than just modeling services - starting from assembly analyses, checking for interferences, making sure that there’re aren’t conflicting or under constrained dimensions on the models, we make parametric assemblies that automatically adapt to changing requirements such as changes in dimensions or assembly constraints. 

Whether it is visualizing the product, surface modeling, migration of existing CAD data on one platform to other platforms, tolerance analyses or full-fledged manufacturing drawings, we can work to adequate levels of detail with you.

Our experience in serving industries like Automobile, Aerospace, Piping, Electronic and household products design help us understand your specific requirements and deliver unmatched value to conforming to output format and standards that you specify. All this in a timeframe and quality that only co-located teams can deliver!


Unlike 2D drafting tools, 3D modeling technology for industrial and mechanical products provides lifelike representation of a design. At Designit4u we can enhance existing 2D mechanical designs or create new 3D mechanical designs from just an idea or a concept.


As a result 3D Design and drafting services can be utilized in the above sectors with respect to prototype design, assembly and manufacturing models, Shop drawings, Electrical drawings, Piping drawings and Tooling.

To complete the 3D mechanical design and drafting package, we perform 3D digital analysis for Interference and packaging studies on complex mechanical assemblies comprising of a large number of components.

Product Styling


Enlivening ideas with new aesthetics, product appeal is not easily defined and not always function driven. Our ability to identify with a given target market and to style products to appeal is a competitive advantage that is inherent in all our designs.


Designit4u design staff have a great deal of experience in generating new product styles, developing or updating existing aesthetic styles, to a new concept to incorporate and develop the brand image.


We can conduct a range of development exercises, design proving or performance testing to support the design process.


Conventional or computer based techniques and processes which may be employed include,


  • Prototype Parts or Tooling
  • Mechanism Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Moldflow
  • FEA
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Conventional Modeling
  • Bench or Rig Testing
  • With state of the art CAD facilities, workshops and the equipment, we can facilitate most of your requirements in house


Our Product Design Consultants can create photorealistic images, animations.


Our Product Design Consultants successfully eliminate poor fits, inconsistent surface finish, mismatched colour, sloppy finishing, inappropriate tool construction, unachievable tolerances and expensive part detailing for our clients.

What We Offer:

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Machine Automation

Mechanical Engineering

Designit4u specializes in providing mechanical design for applications in which a high level of engineering analysis and expertise is required to deliver the necessary levels of problem solving, performance, safety and reliability.

Engineering Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is one of the most powerful virtual product design development and verification simulation tool available for predicting the behavior of complete systems, sub-systems, components or assemblies during expected or extreme use, in a virtual environment.

Engineering Calculations

Detailed mechanical design relies upon the ability of design engineers to quantify the performance of each element of a given system. Designit4u provides companies of all sizes access to cost effective engineering analysis and modelling expertise for mechanical design. We provide all types of mechanical engineering calculations and modelling for design, qualification and acceptance purposes.

Engineering Documentation


Design is a critical element in the manufacturing and construction industries.

 We offer  conversion to cad based digital formats

2d to 3d cad conversions
3d to 2d cad conversions
Raster to vector cad conversions
2d drawings from hand-drawn sketches and images

Photographs to cad conversion

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